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"I have been drinking Ultra water for a while. It is pure, refreshing, light and tasty. It is excellent for cooking and making beverages. As a gynecologist, I advise pregnant women to drink Ultra water because it reduces edema (swelling of the legs). It also maintains optimum blood pressure for pregnant women who have hypertension. As a matter of fact, we obtain our needs of minerals from food not water."
Dr. Mohammad Abu-Lughod
Obstetrician and Gynecologist

“One of the most important benefits of distilled, sodium-free water such as Ultra, is its ability to regulate the body’s blood pressure.”
Dr. Ali Yassin

“Excessive inorganic minerals in the body could be harmful; they could increase cholesterol levels, cause varicose and cataract in the eyes. Distilled water such as Ultra purifies the body from harmful inorganic sediments and regulates the body’s blood pressure because it is sodium-free."
Dr. Muayyad Jabr

“We could obtain minerals from food, not water. Excessive amounts of inorganic minerals are harmful for the body. This is why we recommend drinking Ultra pure water. ”
Dr. Adnan S. Abdallat

“The best choice is to drink pure water that is free of all inorganic minerals that could cause many diseases. Ultra water is the best because it is distilled and mineral-free.”
Dr. Hisham Wazani

“The concept of distilled water is still new in the Arab world. People should get educated about its importance. For example, sediments in regular water have a tremendous effect on teeth.”
Supply Dental Center

“There are substances in the water which could be sedimented in the body such as inorganic minerals. These cause kidney stones and skin problems. For this reason, water should be mineral-free, such as Ultra, because it is consumed daily.”
Dr. Nabih AbdelBaqi

“A lot of people underestimate the harm caused by excessive minerals in the body. Drinking pure water, such as Ultra, helps keep the skin soft and supple.”
Amman Pharmaceuticals

“Excessive inorganic minerals could be harmful for the kidneys. Our bodies could obtain useful minerals from foods such as tomatoes.”
Dr. Mohammad A. Nawasra

“Ultra water is pure and tasty. It is free of contaminants which could be harmful for the body.”
Dr. Kareem Ajlouni

“Inorganic minerals are a major cause of sediments in the body.”
Dr. Mohammad K. Abdallat

“Inorganic minerals cause a lot of diseases for the body. This is why we recommend Ultra water: it is pure and free of inorganic minerals.”
Dr. Nader Halteh

“Inorganic minerals are a major cause of cardiac diseases and varicose. We could obtain our needs of useful minerals from the foods that we eat. I have tried Ultra water and found it very tasty. It is good to use with drinks and for cooking. I have also advised many of my friends to use it.”
Dr. Ahmed Juma’a

“Ultra water has a low acidity. This is important for maintaining optimum health, because high acidity could poison the body and cause hyper-tension.”
Dr. Samir M. Awadallah

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